Our team at Dapper Rags is made up of innovators. From our founder to our designers, we only work with the best. We hustle every day to make a quality product that our VIPs will love. Who are our VIPs? They’re you. We call our customers VIPs for two reasons: number one, they always look their flyest in our du-rags and bandanas. Number two, “VIP” stand for “very important person” and our customers are the MOST important people in the world to us. Without you, Dapper Rags wouldn’t exist. Our constant commitment, to giving you only the best in the game, is what drives us to success. That’s why we not only make the dopest product, but offer the best customer service. We believe that excellent service is at the heart of any business and without it, our business is dead.

As a subsidiary of Fun Music Group, we’re not only passionate about fashion, but also music and entertainment. We offer merch from Fun Music Group’s hitmakers, such as, the masked wonder, Monster Van Gogh. The artists at Fun Music Group make the trillest beats and drop bars like no one else. Our team is proud to support independent and talented up-and-coming entertainers.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to contact us. Hearing from you is always much appreciated and we’ll hit you up within the next business day. You are always our top priority. We want to keep you looking fresh and feeling good.