About Our Merch


If you want to look and feel baller, our du-rags can help. Our designer du-rags will make you feel like that in any situation. When you rock a Dapper Rag, you don’t just feel like a VIP, you become one. Clothes make the man, and so shouldn’t yours be as cool as you?

Scarves & Bandanas

Our scarves and bandanas elevate your look to new levels of swag, beyond anything you or your friends have ever seen before. Our VIPs get mad compliments every time they wear our scarves and bandanas out, whether it’s to work, out with friends, or just around the house.

Fun Music Group Merch

At Dapper Rags, we’re proud to offer merch for the independent record label Fun Music Group. We currently offer merch for talented artists such as Monster Van Gogh, who has been called the “best masked performer since Humpty Hump, Ghostface Killah and MF Doom. Dapper Rags will even include a free mp3 download of a Monster Van Gogh song with your first purchase.